Lyrics of Rescue song by NewSong

Rescue Song Lyrics by NewSong

You are the source of life I can’t be left behind No one else will do I will take hold of You I need You Jesus, I need You Jesus My heart is Yours for life I need Your hand in mine No one else will do Lord I put my trust in You [Chorus] […]

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‘When God Made You’ Lyrics by NewSong: Album: More Life

Its always been a mystery to me How two hearts can come together And love can last for ever But now that I have found you I believe That A miracle has come When god sends the perfect one Now gone are all my questions about why And I’ve never been so sure of anything […]

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Glory by Brittney Spears: All Song Lyrics

  Invitation by Britney Spears from Album Glory The first song in the album is “invitation”. Here are the lyrics for this song.   ” [Britney] You evoke the feeling (This feeling I’ve been dreaming of…) I’m ready to reveal it Let inhibitions come undone Yes or no, but no maybes Not gonna beg, so […]

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